Social Media Disclaimer

The opinions and or views expressed on Partners Advantage Insurance Services, LLC’s (Partners Advantage) social media platforms, including, but not limited to, our blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages, represent the thoughts of individual users and online communities, and not necessarily those of Partners Advantage or any of its corporate partners, affiliates or any of their respective directors, officers, employees, staff, or members of its respective board of directors. The opinions and views expressed on these pages do not in any way reflect the views of the site they are posted on, other sites affiliated with the site, the staff involved with maintaining the site or any members of the site.

While Partners Advantage makes reasonable efforts to monitor and moderate content posted on its social media platforms, we don’t have the ability to moderate all comments at all times and cannot always respond immediately to online requests for information. Partners Advantage reserves the sole right to review, edit and/or delete any comments it deems inappropriate. Comments including, but not limited to, the following may be deleted or edited if deemed inappropriate or irrelevant by the moderators:

  • Abusive or hurtful comments about a user or another participant;
  • Off-topic and redundant comments (this includes promotion or solicitation of events, groups, pages, web sites, organizations, products and programs not related to or affiliated with the Partners Advantage);
  • Comments that use foul language or “hate speech” (for example, including but not limited to racial, ethnic or gender bashing language);
  • Personal attacks or defamatory statements or comments (i.e., making negative personal or untrue comments about a participant), instead of just criticizing his/her posting, opinion or comments; and
  • Comments that violate the privacy of any individual.

All links to external web sites found linked from Partners Advantage social media sites are provided as a service and convenience to readers. We make no representation concerning the content, quality, safety or suitability of their contents, nor are we liable for the content or availability of external websites. Partners Advantage makes no endorsement, express or implied, to any hypertext links, and as such we are not responsible for the content of external Web sites.

By submitting content to any of Partners Advantage’s social media sites, you understand and acknowledge that this information is available to the public, and that Partners Advantage may use this information for internal and external promotional purposes and fundraising purposes. Please note that other participants may use your posted information beyond the control of Partners Advantage.

You are responsible for the content you post and all activity that occurs under your accounts. Do not misrepresent yourself or take on the identity of someone else while using this service. If you feel that someone has misrepresented your identity on a site, please email us and we’ll look into it as soon as possible. If you do not wish to have the information you have made available via a site used, published, copied and/or reprinted, please do not post on our pages.

Social Media Guidelines for Financial Professionals Associated with Partners Advantage

These guidelines have been developed to help you better understand your internet responsibilities, simple rules of conduct when using social media and other online networking opportunities. They also protect the privacy, confidentiality, and interests of Partners Advantage Insurance Services, LLC, and our current, employees, partners and customers.

Guidelines for Interactions relating to Partners Advantage on the Internet

Financial professionals contracted through Partners Advantage should not identify themselves as a representative of Partners Advantage on any online website or platform.

If you utilize a website or social media (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) which mentions Partners Advantage, we reserve the right to request removal or modification of any media or content that in our sole opinion reflects poorly on the company or is used without the company’s express permission.

You agree not to post any content that is illegal, obscene, defamatory, objectionable, threatening or infringing on intellectual property or invasion of privacy of others.

Confidential Information on Social Media and Online

The Partners Advantage logo and trademarks may not be used without written permission from the company. This is to prevent the appearance that you are representing or speaking on the company’s behalf.

Privacy Rights, Professionalism and Respect on Social Media and Online

It is important to avoid online behavior that will reflect negatively on you and Partners Advantage. If you  mention Partners Advantage online, we ask that you do so in a respectful and professional manner.  Please respect others privacy and do not make online comments regarding any Partners Advantage employees without their permission.

Your Legal Liability Component of the Social Media and Online Policy

Please be aware that you alone are responsible for and legally liable for your online presence and comments. Partners Advantage is not responsible for your online communications and is not liable if disciplinary action which may result from improper communications.  Partners Advantage will take action if we learn of any improper online communications, including possible cancellation of contracts.