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In a digital world, prospective clients can find many options when looking for help with their retirement needs. Establishing trustworthiness from the get-go is essential for financial professionals.

What if you could accelerate that bond of trust in the same way ridesharing apps have innovated the concept of hitchhiking? The driver/passenger relationship is formed simply, easily, and swiftly due to a preconceived assumption of trust.

Our formula focuses on bringing more value to your interactions with clients and prospects though a framework that helps propel client engagement and success. It’s tailored to fit you, so you stand out from your competitors and can be seen as the “go-to” financial professional in your community.

Credibility, Connection, Communication, and Collaboration

Build market differentiating CREDIBILITY with either our Author Program or our Podcast Series.

CONNECT with more of your ideal customers using one of our turnkey systems.

COMMUNICATE common retirement and protection based challenges facing today’s consumers in an easy and concise manner.

COLLABORATE with an industry leading team helping you with case design, product recommendation, and case management.

Credibility icon Credibility

Credibility is more important to financial professionals than almost any other profession. That is why establishing credibility with prospective clients is essential to your client acquisition efforts. If a prospective client googles your name or business, what will they find? Will it help you earn their trust?

Whether you are looking for website development, logo design or ways to be seen as an authority, we can help enhance your credibility.

  • Authority Program
    With our done-for-you Authority program, you have an exclusive opportunity to be positioned as an authority on retirement strategies, get noticed by high-value prospects and turn them into long-term clients.
  • Ask about our preferred vendors for website development and logo design.

Connection icon Connection

Getting connected to the right prospects with the right message is the key to any successful client acquisition strategy. We provide you with client approved seminar presentations on the topics of social security and tax strategies in retirement. You can also take advantage of our seminar mail partners and pre-appointed lead programs if you are looking for more prospects to see.

  • Ask about our preferred vendors.

Communication icon Communication

Effectively articulating complex financial strategies to your clients can be difficult. We’ve developed white-labeled client approved videos to address important retirement related topics such as sequence of returns risk or alternatives to the traditional bond portfolio. You can also embed your company logo and use these videos in client presentations or post them on your website.

Additionally, we provide software subscriptions to retirement income planning and retirement tax strategies that help build a blueprint for your clients’ retirement and could potentially lead to more sales opportunities.

  • Client Video Library
    Get access to videos you can share with clients to help start the conversation on sequence of returns risk, bond alternatives, and taxes in retirement. Ask your Partners Advantage representative how you can get your company logo added to the videos.
  • Retirement Analyzer
    Financial planning software to model any type of financial strategy, creating a simple blueprint for your clients. Ask your Partners Advantage representative about available discounts.

Collaboration icon Collaboration

Financial professionals are only as good as the teams behind them. With Partners Advantage, you will have a dedicated team with years of experience working with the top carriers in our industry.

  • Insurance Specialists (Life and Annuity)
    Our teams can help you identify the right strategies for your clients.
  • Operations Specialists
    We support your contracting and licensing and case management needs.
  • Specialty Support
    Applications can be processed accurately and easily with in-house Advanced Markets, Underwriting, and Suitability specialists

Additionally, you will have access to all the product comparison tools you need to make the right product recommendations for your clients, including:

  • Annuity Rate Watch
    Make comparing annuity products easier with access to real-time rates, product specs, state variations––everything you need in one place––to help you and your client make an informed decision. Ask your Partners Advantage representative about available discounts.
  • Cannex
    Access to objective information on cost and features of retirement income products to quickly find the best option for your clients. Ask your Partners Advantage representative about available discounts.
  • Ensight
    Improve the life insurance or annuity client experience and make the process of selling much simpler and more profitable. Ask your Partners Advantage representative about available discounts.
  • Firelight
    Firelight corrects application errors on the spot – cutting submission time in half. Compatible with most Annuity insurance carriers.
  • Indexalyzer
    Data you need to help guide your clients through the indexed product selection process. Ask your Partners Advantage representative about available discounts.
  • iPipeline
    Quote cases, submit applications, and track where they are approval process. iPipeline keeps you informed, every step of the way.
  • LifeTrends
    Life insurance data, product information, and market intelligence that gives you a competitive advantage.
  • WinFlex
    WinFlex Multi-Carrier Insurance Software is a web software system that provides standard entry for multiple life insurance carriers.


“I was skeptical when I was told that I could be perceived as an expert in my field with very little effort and time. In less than one hour, I had a better online presence and a published book. After my workshops, I have people wanting to purchase my book. This creative marketing tool takes very little time but can make a big difference when it comes to separating you from the competition.”

- Kevin

Any testimonials presented may not be representative of the experience of other financial professionals and is not a guarantee of future success. The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be acted upon without conducting your own due diligence as it relates to third party vendors.

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