We Help Insurance Agencies Compete and Thrive

At Partners Advantage, we know as an owner of an insurance agency, you have two main goals:

1) To grow revenues year-over-year, and
2) To position your agency so you can seamlessly pass it on to the next owner — whether that’s your family, employees, or an external entity.

agency compete and thrive

The problem is, most independent insurance agencies don’t know how to get the most money possible out of their agency without crumbling the business and leaving their employees in a vulnerable position. In order to accomplish both objectives, you first need to address a few questions.

What gaps can I address to improve competitiveness and the overall business?
What meaningful steps can I take to increase my business’s value?
What’s my business really worth and will a buyer pay that amount?

How our Solutions Support Agency Growth

We believe you should have a reliable, step-by-step approach to stay relevant with your customers and to run your business with confidence, which is why our Elevated Business Program provides you with the strategies you need in order to succeed. We help independent recruiting agencies in three main areas:

Growing Profitability

Creating more profit for your firm so you can thrive in a crowded market.
  • Contract elevation
  • Weekly production reports
  • Weekly commission statements
  • Sales tracks for your wholesalers
  • Recruiting programs

Organizational Health

Accepting innovations and eliminating complications so your business can function efficiently.
  • Marketing and branding
  • Wholesaler universities
  • Financial metrics
  • Risk mitigation
  • Technology innovations
  • Employee benefits consulting

Succession Planning

Providing a path so you can gracefully exit while obtaining the highest financial value.
  • Succession planning documents
  • Business valuation approaches
  • Due-diligence templates

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It …

“We chose to work with Partners Advantage because of their expertise, leadership and reputation. The most compelling element of the Partners Advantage experience is the positive revenue impact they’ve had on our business. In a rapidly evolving industry, we know we can always count on the stability and strength of their support team and their dedicated responsiveness to our needs.”

- Ron

“Partners Advantage has been invaluable in helping us serve financial professionals. From advanced case design to keen underwriting guidance we appreciate the many relationships we have built. We consider Partners Advantage an extension of our team. The entire team simply makes us a better and more competitive agency in the marketplace.”

- Tim

“With access to multiple top-rated carriers and compensation payouts, the benefits offered through Partners Advantage provides our firm a huge competitive advantage. This gives us the ability to always have the best products and solutions to fulfill our client’s needs.”

- Bill

Delivering Ongoing Value to Insurance Agencies since 1994

Since our inception, our goal has been to provide guidance and direction to the businesses working through us so that they are running efficiently and properly positioned for future profitability.

We’re ready to help you grow through proven business strategies. — join us.

Our Competitive Differences

  • Consultative process that leverages our expertise in supporting overall business growth
  • Aligning and supporting your growth strategies and key objectives
  • Sharing insights and best practices with your entire management team and staff
  • Weekly commissions along with detailed reporting of submitted, pending, and paid business
  • Forging genuine and lasting carrier relationships
  • Innovative product design options

Our History

  • Diversified, talented and experienced executive management team
  • Operating since 1994
  • Four office locations
  • More than 100 affiliated agencies
  • Sales leaders year-over-year, with sales totals over the past five years of:
    • $6 billion in annuities1
    • $400 million in target life premium1
  • Diverse product lineup with more than 24 annuity carriers, 29 life carriers and 4 linked benefit carriers
  • Developed more than a dozen of the industry’s top-selling products since 20002
1Numbers based on production of both AMZ Financial Insurance Services, LLC and Partners Advantage Insurance Services, LLC.
2Attributable to AMZ Financial Insurance Services, LLC merger March 1, 2018.

Who is the Right Fit?

right fit

We work best helping independent insurance recruiting agencies that have a strong desire to grow and a commitment to being more effective in working with their downline producers. If you are not confident you’re getting the most value from your current up-line agency, or if you need additional strategic direction so you can be adequately positioned for the future, take the next step and schedule a Discovery call.

The Elevated Business Process


Step 1

Schedule a call to learn how we can help with Growing Profitability, Organizational Health, and Succession Planning.


Step 2

Create a custom-tailored plan toaddress pressing needs and make a meaningful impact in your business.


Step 3

Work with the team for a smooth transition.


Step 4

Implement and monitor results.

If you’re ready to join us on this journey, we’re here to help guide and support you every step of the way.

We custom-tailor a solution for your business based on your individual wants and needs.

Schedule a 30-minute Discovery call now so that you can regain confidence in your business strategy and position your agency for sustained long-term growth.

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