We know how difficult it can be to run an agency…

And it’s getting harder every day with the commoditization of our industry and the record number of consolidations happening through mergers & acquisitions.

You may feel like you can’t compete. Like a gravitational pull is keeping your agency from “taking off.”

When you work with us, you get access to the framework we’ve developed to help advance you toward the velocity you need to reach your greatest heights as an agency owner.

In our custom-tailored approach, we work with you to address the 5 forces that hold agencies back. You’ll be equipped with strategies in five core areas that make the most difference when it comes to staying relevant into the future: Talent, Technology, Model, Experts, and Funnels.

Over time, the value of your agency should increase, making you more competitive into the future.

Or, if you’re looking to sell, it can help you get the best offer for your life’s work.

We're continuously creating new content and gathering resources to help agencies achieve Escape Velocity through our Resource Center.

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Our Agency Focused Resources

talent icon Talent

  • The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Insurance Agencies
    Which questions to ask, pitfalls to avoid, and how to successfully close the deal –– an eBook by Scott Tietz, CLU, the founder of Partners Advantage, former Area Chairman of Partners Advantage – A Gallagher Company, and veteran M&A closer. Download Now
  • Best 90 Minutes of Our One-Day Business Meeting
    Merging and Acquiring Agencies for Growth (5 short, easy-to-consume recordings) featuring Scott Tietz and James Wong
  • Talent Article
    How to Find and Bring On the Best Talent in the Insurance Business - Read Now

technology icon Technology

  • Indexalyzer
    Data you need to help guide your clients through the indexed product selection process. Ask your Partners Advantage representative about available discounts
  • Technology Article
    Want to Keep Your Agency Running Smoothly and Drive More Sales? Here's How... Read Now

model icon Model

  • Annuity Wire and Life Wire
  • Model Article
    What's the right business model for your agency? And how to use it to increase longevity and profitability. Read Now

experts icon Experts

  • Access to in-house Advanced Markets, Underwriting, and Suitability specialists
  • Professional, compliance-reviewed content ready-to-use with clients
  • Experts Article
    How to use expertise to grow your agency. Read Now

funnels icon Funnels

  • “5 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Agency”
    Webinar presentation led by James Wong, Area Executive Vice President - Watch Now
  • Funnels Article
    How to boost prospecting by reshaping your sales process. Read Now

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