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Competitive & Comprehensive Economics

We provide the specialty services agencies need to support agents and grow their business

Insurance Marketing Organizations choose to work with Partners Advantage because we provide access to a full array of products and services.

Business Planning

We help agency business owners develop financial procedures and controls to increase profit margins.

Robust Product Offering

We have the breadth and reach to serve life, annuities and linked benefits at the absolute top levels.

Advanced Case Design

We provide an in-house advanced case and underwriting team to help your marketers get the tough cases placed.

Product Development

We are the only firm that has successfully built and launched 10 top-performing indexed life products.

Regulatory, Legal & Compliance

In an ever-evolving regulatory environment our in-house legal and compliance team can help you navigate the laws, rules and regulations impacting your business.

World-Class Service

Agencies and IMOs who choose to work with us experience amazing services so they can accomplish goals.

The Platinum Partners Process

Step 2


Step 3


We Help IMOs and Agencies Thrive

In a cut-throat and competitive environment we arm agencies with a robust product portfolio, competitive economics and business resources so they can thrive.


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