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Right now, your best prospects don’t know you exist. But with our done-for-you Authority program, you have an exclusive opportunity to be positioned as an authority on retirement strategies, get noticed by high-value prospects and turn them into long-term clients.

Authority Boost helps you build credibility with a custom branded book focused on either Social Security or tax strategies. You get media promotion through an interview on an award-winning podcast, a multi-media press release, coaching on how to use Authority marketing in your practice, and access to additional tools and resources.

Authority Blast is for financial professionals who want to be positioned as an authority through a robust multi-media strategy including multiple full-length feature interviews on the “Influential Entrepreneurs” podcast, press releases, and more.

Launch Your Own Podcast and amplify your authority. You record the podcast and the rest of the technical details are done for you. You’ll become discoverable online so you can more easily reach your target market and communicate the value you can deliver.

See all of the program details in the comparison chart below.

retirement income authority package

Program Benefits Social Security – Authority Boost Tax Strategies – Authority Boost Authority Blast Your Own Podcast
Social Security or tax strategies book that’s already been written and will have your name, photo, bio, call-to-action and contact details. Print copies as leave-behinds or use the digital flip book in a virtual setting to capture leads on your website. Yes Yes No No
Interview on the award-winning podcast, “Influential Entrepreneurs” hosted by Mike Saunders and syndicated to popular podcast platforms 1 Interview 1 Interview 3 Interviews No
Multi-media press release syndicated to platforms like ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox affiliate online news media sites* 1 Press Release 1 Press Release 3 Press Releases 1 Press Release
Coaching session with Mike Saunders on how to use “Authority Marketing” in your practice Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Authority Positioning that happens when your interview and press release are indexed online. Top serach results when your name and/or company are searched on Google. Yes Yes Yes No
One-year free access to Covisum ® Social Security Timing ® software, plus consumer-facing videos, email templates, social media content and presentations. Yes No No No
Select membership to Stonewood Financial ($1700 value). Membership includes IUL sales training and education, client approved materials, client report software, and access to author 2 additional books. Ask how you can get Premium membership. No Yes No No
6 months of podcast episodes featured on the Business Innovators Radio Network and syndicated to popular podcast platforms No No No Yes
Custom branded podcast show created and run for you (all the technical details will be taken care of for you). No No No Yes
How to qualify for no out-of-pocket cost $500k in annuity premium (or $1,000 fee)

Add Your Own Podcast
$1M in annuity premium or $75k in IUL target premium (or $3,500 fee)

$25k in IUL target premium (or $1,000 fee)

Add Your Own Podcast
$1M in annuity premium or $75k in IUL target premium (or $3,500 fee)

$500k in annuity premium (or $1,000 fee) $750k in annuity premium or $50k in IUL target premium (or $2,500 fee)

Add Authority Boost
$1M in annuity premium or $75k in IUL target premium (or $3,500 fee)

*Partners Advantage – A Gallagher Company is not endorsed or affiliated with the media outlets referenced.


“I was nervous as all get-out that this was going to be a complete inconvenience, and we weren’t going to be able to get through without distracting ourselves from everything we needed to get done, but that wasn’t the case. The whole system itself is professionally done and makes it easy to go from point A to point B and get these authority marketing tools in your hand. But you can’t do this by itself and expect your phone to start ringing and community banging down your door. For example, we’re doing workshops, podcasts, drip email campaigns to existing and prospective clients, using these tools to retarget existing clients and earning referrals because they consider us authorities.”

– Mark

“After going through the process, it’s a big benefit now that we have this book. Not only for potential clients but existing clients—it gives them the assurance that we’re doing what we say we’re doing. It gives us authority with existing clients and prospective clients who haven’t reached out yet. I’m excited to see what it does for us this year.”

– Troy

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