Client Acquisition

To quickly move from generating leads, to setting appointments with qualified prospects, to adding a new client to your book of business — using just any old prospecting method may not be as effective as you’d like. But with programs that immediately capture your ideal clients’ attention by highlighting a specific problem they face; you could offer a hyper-targeted solution and make more sales.

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Five Ways to Fill Your Sales Funnel

sales funnel

A Practical Guide for Financial Professionals

As an advisor, you should explore and use multiple strategies to fill your lead funnel. To become a successful insurance producer, you must first develop a long-term marketing plan and most importantly, commit financial resources to see that plan through. This book shows you the five most effective and proven ways to fill your sales funnel.


Work with One New Small-Business and Their Employees Each Month

Financial Wellness at Work

Financial Wellness at Work

If you want to work with one new small-business owner and their employees each month, check out the Financial Wellness@Work program. In this onDemand webinar, we’re unveiling the secrets to cracking the corporate door and showing you how we put you in front of one new small-business owner each month so you can promote financial wellness and sell life insurance and annuities to their employees.


Run A Successful Seminar — Even if You’ve Never Led One Before

Done for You Seminars

White Glove Seminar System

If you’re frustrated with seminars that are a bust, we want to help. Seminars are one of the time-tested ways of reaching large numbers of qualified prospects in your area. But today, you can’t get the right people in the room the same ways you might have in the past. Learn about our program that will help you run a successful and cost effective seminar.


Help People Get Out of Debt and Experience a 30-50% Increase in Life Sales

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Your Family Bank

We don’t think it’s right that people can’t get out of debt. In fact, we show financial professionals how to help people get out of debt — generally in nine years or less — without spending any additional money or by changing their lifestyle. When a financial professional adds this strategy to their practice, they typically see a 30-50% increase in their life insurance production.


Quickly Convert Eager Prospects into Clients

Enjoy Prospecting That Works

College Funding Evolution

Request the on-demand webinar to learn about a break-away prospecting opportunity that gives you more qualified people to see. We have first-hand experience with this program and have had positive results. As you know, some prospecting programs work better than others, and we’re here to say that workshop marketing isn’t dead.














































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