Specialty Services

Building out your own teams and hiring individuals with the right expertise can be time-consuming and frustrating. Instead, you can spend your time and effort in other areas of the business while accessing the specialty services available to you when you’re contracted with us.

Advanced Markets and Case Design

There are unique factors at play when working with advanced markets and our expertise can help you design a seamless plan

At Partners Advantage, we provide the following support:

Identifying details in a fact-finder important to providing accurate financial guidance

Assessing which products are a fit given all aspects of a case

Designing a plan for high-net worth individuals that can lead to future referrals

Advanced Markets include:

• Premium Finance
• Key Person Insurance
• Estate Issues
• Specialized Needs of Small

Business Owners

• Executive Bonus/ Split Dollar
• Deferred Compensation Plans
• Focused Business Plans
• Business Continuity Planning


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