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Are you prepared for AG 49 “Version 2.0”?

Recorded 8/4/2020

IUL After AG 49 “Version 2.0”: Two Reasons Why It’s Still the Best Time to Position IUL

Watch our Ask the Actuary OnDemand webinar where you’ll hear from impartial IUL product developer and industry-recognized actuary, Jason Konopik. In this Q&A session, he’ll explain how the pending revisions to AG 49 will force the biggest change in IUL product direction since the product first came to market. Plus, the impact that can have on your clients.

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Take Ideas from this Advisor of the Year and Land Your Next Client

Recorded 6/18/2020

If you’re interested in finding out what’s working to land clients right now, then watch this interview recording with Royal Fund’s 2019 Advisor of the Year, Mark Triplett.

In the interview we ask Mark the hard-hitting questions that get to the bottom of how he brought on 10 new families at the height of sheltering in place.

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Help Get Your Clients Back on Track in This Economic Environment

Recorded 4/14/2020

With many folks worrying about short- and long-term interest rates, as well as market volatility and instability, they may be paralyzed by their emotions — unsure of their financial options. We have an insurance product solution that works for certain clients in this market, and we offer all the client communication tools to help you position this insurance product…

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Keep Your Business Running with our Virtual Sales System

Recorded 4/8/2020

As a financial professional, you’re probably dealing with a lot of tough questions during these unprecedented times.

You’re not alone in asking these questions, and that’s why Partners Advantage has put together a comprehensive Virtual Sales System to help you during this crisis.

We’ll show you how to set up a virtual business to continue to support your clients.

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Your Family Bank: 2020 = More Life Insurance Sales

In this webinar, we’ll expose a lesser-known strategy that some producers are using to tap into 44 million potential clients. This proven 7-Step Money Management program could be your way to help your clients achieve their financial dreams while achieving your business goals.

You don’t need a bunch of worn-out sales tactics when you have this one strategy based on time-proven foundational principles that could potentially bring in more life production than you’ve ever done before. Register for the webinar by completing the form now.
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70% of Clients Need This … Are You Selling It?

Recorded 3/10/2020

At some point, 7-out-of-10 people will need Long-Term Care. Unfortunately, only 5% have consulted with a financial professional about it. Are you talking to your clients about this pressing financial concern?
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Are Your Clients Prepared to Lose 100% of their Purchasing Power?

Recorded 2/25/2020

Are your clients prepared to lose 100% of their purchasing power during their retirement years? Nearly half of all people fear…
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Can You Successfully Sell FIAs Even in a Bull Market?

Recorded 2/11/2020

How is it possible successful agents are pursuing Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIAs) — even in a Bull Market? As an annuity salesperson, you understand the benefits of FIAs regardless of what the market is doing but explaining that to your clients can be difficult …
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Become a Sought-After Financial Professional

Use Tools and Techniques to Stand Out From Competitors. Many financial professionals close one case, then have to hunt for their next client and the next one after that. They’re forced to start over from scratch each time. It’s a vicious cycle because their approach wastes a lot of time and makes growing a business difficult …
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It’s All Fun and Games Until Your Client Gets a 0% return in an IUL

Recorded 1/14/2020

Learn Which Carriers are Playing IUL Illustration Games …
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