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Clarify Your Marketing

Seven Marketing Mistakes Financial Professionals Make & How to Fix Them

Seven Marketing Mistakes Financial Professionals Make & How to Fix Them

Simply put, when you confuse you lose. Too many financial professionals waste an enormous amount of money on marketing, websites and printed materials that just don’t work. But you don’t need to struggle with your marketing or messaging anymore. We can help you understand how to use a simple 7-part framework that compels a human brain to take action.


Social Media Guide

Social Media Guide

Get This Book and Rock the Digital Age

One of the biggest untapped opportunities for you as financial advisor is leveraging all the technological advances available to you such as social media, video production services and web-based leads. To be successful in today’s technology-driven world, you need to have a compelling online presence for your financial services business.


Client Acquisition

The Beginner’s Guide to Generating Web-Based Leads

The Beginner's Guide to Generating Web-Based Leads

This beginner’s guide will help financial professionals understand how to capture web-based leads

When your website is constructed correctly, you can effectively capture leads and grow your business.

Download this eBook to learn the correct way to construct your website.


A 5-Step Formula for Building Valuable Client Relationships

A 5-Step formula for building valuable client relationships

Learn How to Turn Your Existing Clients into Referral Machines

There’s a proven formula for creating valuable client relationships, and when mastered, those loyal clients will repeatedly and happily refer clients to you. This ebook covers the five eye-opening client retention truths that can help you turn existing clients into your personal walking ambassadors.


Get A-Level Clients

Get A-Level Clients

Get this Quick-Start Guide and Be A Super Producer

Many financial professionals say prospecting is their biggest challenge, but even when they get more leads — they still may not have a business full of “A-Level” clients.


Five Ways to Fill Your Sales Funnel

sales funnel

A Practical Guide for Financial Professionals

As an advisor, you should explore and use multiple strategies to fill your lead funnel. To become a successful insurance producer, you must first develop a long-term marketing plan and most importantly, commit financial resources to see that plan through. This book shows you the five most effective and proven ways to fill your sales funnel.


How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Seven Marketing Mistakes Financial Professionals Make & How to Fix Them

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Grow & Redefine Your Financial Practice

Behind the scenes, algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been slowly taking over our lives in an effort to help us. In this eBook we share with you some of the ways you can leverage today’s AI to grow, and ultimately redefine your financial practice.


Client Experience

The Definitive Guide to
Virtual Sales

The Definitive Guide to Virtual Sales

A How-To For Financial Professionals

Virtual selling allows you to use technology to visit face-to-face with your prospects and clients. By developing the mechanics and soft skills to effectively sell virtually, you’ll enter into those conversations with more confidence and ease.


The 5 Keys to Selling IUL Virtually

5 Keys to Selling IUL Virtually

Selling IUL in Today’s High-Tech World

With a good work ethic and the right knowledge, in the next 90 days you could make $32,000 to $150,000 selling IUL virtually in today’s tech-driven world. Many financial professionals struggle getting in front of the right target market for IUL, until now. Download this valuable e-book “The Five Keys to Selling IUL Virtually” and you’ll discover a better way to prospect and grow your business.


Six Strategies to IUL Sales Success

Six Strategies to IUL Sales Success eBook

How to Sell More Insurance Than You Ever Thought Possible

Each and every financial professional that sells Indexed Universal Life (IUL) helps their clients realize that IUL is the only life insurance product that can meet the needs of those looking for significant cash-value accumulation potential, along with the underlying guarantees that protect their earnings from market volatility. In fact, the sale of IUL continues to trend up at a blistering pace. According to LIMRA studies, IUL sales continue to grow and the product continues to gain market share.


How to Build A Residual Six-Figure Income: Go From Agent to Investment Advisor Representative

Residual Six-Figure Income ebook

Start Building Equity In Your Practice Today

What prevents most financial professionals from earning a consistent six-figure income is that they purely rely on the transactional, product-based sales approach. We show you the proven path to not only build equity in your practice, but also the steps to earn a residual six-figure income in a short period of time.


Are You Making These Mistakes When Selling Living Benefits?

Seven Living Benefits Mistakes

Get the eBook – Fix The Mistakes

Quickly discover how you can give your clients the certainty of living benefits without giving up the other valuable features of an Index Universal Life (IUL) policy.