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Introducing F&G Power Accumulator: Built in Partnership with iShares by BlackRock

4/10/2020 @ 11am Central

Have you checked out our newest FIA, F&G Power Accumulator™? Here are five great reasons to:

Built in partnership with iShares® by BlackRock
First of its kind to feature ETFs as the primary crediting strategy


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Ameritas underwriting advantages

4/03/2020 @ 11am Central



American National Accelerated Benefit Riders.

Recorded 3/27/2020

This presentation is designed to provide producers with an overview of American National’s Accelerated Benefit Riders.

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Critical Conversations

Recorded 3/20/2020

Addressing Client’s concerns regarding Terminal Illness, Nursing Home, and Chronic Care.

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Maximize Coverage With Two Policies ICUL & CCUL

Recorded 3/13/2020

Life insurance needs are ever-changing. What begins as a straightforward coverage need may evolve depending on your current life stage, which is why policy reviews are so important.

Learn more about this…

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Powerful Solutions for Your Client’s Retirement

Recorded 3/06/2020

· Helping clients prepare for retirement challenges with AIG
· Grow and protect retirement assets with …

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Capturing growth with downside protection – Lincoln OptiBlend® fixed indexed annuity

Recorded 2/28/2020

  • Flexible Premium
  • Ability to accept up to $2M without prior approval
  • 3 Uncapped Strategies
  • 2 Strategies that include Dividends in the performance …

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Sweet Spots for Accumulation and Income

Recorded 2/21/2020

Watch Great American as they explain where they fit for accumulation and income.

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Something to Rock Your Clients

Recorded 2/18/2020

Introducing SurePathSM and SurePathSM Income Fixed Indexed Annuities:

Helps to address the needs of protection-focused clients that want more potential upside growth than some other fixed investments can offer.

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Top 7 Things Clients Want Out of a Financial Vehicle

Recorded 2/14/2020

Join Allianz as they discuss the top seven things clients want out of a financial vehicle.
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How to Protect Your Client’s Money with the Volatile Market Conditions

Recorded 2/7/2020

American Equity will be discussing their #1 non-bonus accumulation product and different ways to position it. It will be a high level overview of how the product works.
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Mutual Trust – Horizon LegacyTM: One Premium; Multiple Advantages

Recorded 1/31/2020

Do you have client’ with money earmarked for their heirs?

You can provide them with way to increase their legacy while still providing them with access to their cash should the need arise. Horizon Legacy from Mutual Trust can provide guaranteed income-tax free benefit to loved ones, and is a possible alternative to tax-deferred and interest-bearing vehicles. Join our webinar to learn more:
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Allianz Legacy by Design

Recorded 1/24/2020

Want to learn how your clients can leave a financial legacy to their beneficiary with their unneeded RMDs? Get the OnDemand webinar to find out more about a solution designed to help clients:
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Why Ameritas FLX IUL

Recorded 1/17/2020

There are multiple reasons to sell Ameritas FLX Living Benefits Index Universal Life. Join us as we walk you through the top reasons you should be talking to your clients about this product …
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Introducing F&G Power Accumulator

Recorded 1/10/2020

Have you checked out the newest FIA, F&G Power Accumulator™? Join the webinar to learn the top 5 reasons …
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Tax-advantaged dollars for LTC sales ideas

Recorded 1/3/2020

SecureCare utilizes an innovative hybrid policy design that gives clients the potential to deduct LTC premiums, while also providing a cash indemnity LTC benefit, guaranteed death benefit, multiple premium payment options, reduced paid-up benefit, and the most robust international benefits in the industry.
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