FGL Annuity Interest Rate Updates for March 2017
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Don't Discount Millennials as a Sales Opportunity

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Behavioral Finance and the Two Lane Highway
The most important thing a financial professional can do is relate to the “art” and not the “science” of their profession. What are your thoughts about behavioral finance?


Consistent, Competitive Term Rates Hit the Mark! -Legal & General America


Get the facts to simplify the story on LTC vs. Chronic Illness riders.
Get the facts to simplify the story on LTC vs. Chronic Illness riders. Join us on the Feb. 23 webcast - register here.


Sharpen your "axe” with the study of Behavioral Finance.
Sharpen your "axe” with the study of Behavioral Finance.


Changes to the American Custom 10 -Great American Insurance Company

The following changes to the American Custom 10 will go into effect for all contracts issued on or after February 21, 2017:

  •  Additional purchase payments will be accepted during the first two contract months.
  • The non -MVA version of the product will be available for sale in Alaska. Thenon -MVA version replaces the MVA version that was previously available.
  • The new iShares U.S. Real Estate Indexed Strategy will be available with the American Custom 10. See the interest rate chart for more details.


Don’t Miss the Sales Opportunities with Younger Generations

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OneAmerica - Care Solutions Interest Rate Notice Effective 2/15/2017

Indexed Annuity Care will be the only product affected. In response to the current interest rate environment, new business interest rates for Indexed Annuity Care® will be decreasing effective Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017.

 The new rates will be as follows:    

Indexed Annuity Care

Point-to-point Cap: 2.75%

Point-to-point Par: 20%

Monthly average Cap: 2.75 %

Monthly average Par: 28%

Fixed account: 1.25% (unchanged)  

Most Beneficial Rate: Indexed Annuity Care offers your clients the opportunity to receive the best declared interest (or cap, or par) rate available between the date their application is received in the Home Office, and the effective date of the contract, if fully funded within 60 days of application. This feature is intended as an easy-to-do-business provision to provide you and your clients the peace of mind to know that they can receive the best declared rates during the application process.

Note: All products may not be available in all states or may vary by state. Policies are issued by The State Life Insurance Company®, Indianapolis, Indiana.



Are your clients confusing facts with fiction on the subject of LTC?
Are your clients confusing facts with fiction on the subject of LTC? We have educational materials to help you break through the myths and set the record straight. Ask us about OneAmerica. Contact the Partners Advantage Brokerage Team at 888-251-5525, Ext. 700.


Years of Testing and Proven Sales Results - Lead to...
Years of testing and proven sales results led to our proprietary PILLAR System which connects impressive training and client-ready materials into one system.


Underwriting News You Can Use from FGL - Foreign Nationals

Underwriting News You Can Use - Foreign Nationals

Are you curious about the potential risks that may be associated with underwriting foreign nationals, and why they may undergo more scrutiny than US citizens?

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The 2-2-6 Program for Effective Business Building

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RIDERS: Simplifying the Story for Clients - LTC vs. Chronic Illness
RIDERS: Simplifying the Story for Clients -LTC vs. Chronic Illness: We will break down the similarities and important differences in these riders in our webcast on Feb. 23. Register here.


Smoothing Out the Volatility in Your Practice with Life Insurance
We at Partners Advantage specialize in - Education that Causes Sales. I encourage you to prepare for the future of our industry and continue to broaden your knowledge to truly serve your clients’ needs.


Generational Split Dollar
Senior Advanced Markets Consultant Bill Jackson, J.D., CLU shares the benefits of generational split dollar in addressing clients' estate planning needs.


Break Through the Myths. Set the Record Straight about Long-Term Care Protection.

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North American |Annuity News
The North American News


California product approvals coming soon
We’re working quickly to make product changes and secure approvals in the state of California. The NAC BenefitSolutions® fixed index annuity series returned Jan. 17, and as we receive product availability on other products, we’ll let you know right away.

Required illustration system update effective tomorrow
Regulations require us to annually update our illustration system with actual index returns through Dec. 31 of the prior calendar year that are then used to determine recent, high and low scenarios. These updated numbers will be available on all products on our illustration system effective tomorrow, Feb. 1.



Dividend Increase - Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company
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Reminder: Increased Dividend Payout for 2017

In November, we announced the great news that we are maintaining our dividend scale and increasing dividend payouts in 2017.

As a reminder, the 2017 dividend changes will be effective on participating in-force policies starting February 1, 2017, and are currently reflected on annual statements and in-force illustrations.

The latest version of Century II Illustration Software reflects 2017 dividends on all products.

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Behavioral Finance
The most successful financial professionals have learned art of simplification, analogies, storytelling, and managing clients’ emotions so they make healthy financial decisions, and to help them through good times and bad.


Expand and Diversify with Life Insurance
Whether you have a vast life insurance “back office” or no back office at all for life insurance, we have the infrastructure that can help you build your life insurance business. Now is an important time to diversify.